Bay Windows are both practical and attractive for any home that requires the comfort of both superior functionality and aesthetic appeal. True, it will be an expensive investment in your home but in the long run, it will definitely provide positive results. A homeowner on a tight budget may feel uneasy about having bay windows installed because of the expense compared to other types of window. There is however, something about a bay window that catches a person’s interests instantly, so it is usually worth the investment. It is ironic, but you always remember where the house is in a neighborhood that has a bay window because it is eye-catching!

Andersen Bay Windows

They are wonderfully attractive and come in a variety of beautiful designs and styles. These types of windows offer a stunning outside view that many other flat type windows simply cannot provide. Many architects, designers, builders, or remodelers may recommend one as a unique feature for your home.

What is a Bay Window?

bay windowIt is simply a window that extends out from the exterior walls of the home. There is a fixed window in the middle and an angled window on one or both sides of the fixed window. Because they protrude outwards from the home, it creates a beautiful sitting area within the home. Many homeowners will use these types of windows in a location where the outdoor view is stunning. Many people build a cushioned seating area beneath the window so that they can enjoy reading a book while drinking a cup of their favorite beverage. It gives you the feeling of being outside even though you are inside. You can have double hung windows installed but the most beautiful is the large picture window in the middle with no obstruction and the two side windows.Andersen Bay Windows with Casement Windows on the Sides - Illustration

Benefits and Advantages of Bay Windows

One of the advantages and benefits – it is a great investment and will add value to your home. This type of window will also allow beautiful sunlight to stream into your house. Another benefit – it will provide you with proper ventilation throughout your home. Finally, it will make your home more attractive and appealing if there ever comes a time for resale.

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New Construction or Remodeling

A bay window can be easily designed into the plans of a new home. If you are considering a renovation for your existing home, it can be installed by a qualified contractor. This is not something you should attempt as a DIY project. There are many specifications involved and construction required making sure you have a proper seal and no sagging in the lower area when installed. People who have never had one in their home will tell you that they do not know how they have lived without one for so long and if it fits your budget, it is well worth it to have one installed in your home.