milgard wood windows - essence series at a new view windows & doors anaheimWood window frames are one of the most elegant and classic elements of the ideal home. There might not be a better way to give the exterior of your house the comfortable, cozy aesthetic that proudly states, “This is home” even at the slightest of glances. The beauty of Milgard Wood Windows (Milgard Essence Series®) is their technology in providing a classic and beautiful wood interior frame with an exterior of strong fiberglass that wears better than wood when exposed to nature’s elements.

In the past, the downside of traditional all wooden framed windows are they tend to require an awful lot of maintenance to continue looking their best. You have to stain them, seal them, and even repaint them altogether regularly, sometimes more than once per year. Some feel that the look just is not worth the trouble – but that is precisely where Milgard Windows have the competition beat with the WoodClad™ Series and the Essence Series® for window replacement or new construction windows. View the short video below to learn more about Milgard’s Essence Series of windows with wood frames.

The Beauty of Interior Wood-Framed Windows Bring Warmth and Luxury Feeling to your Home!

Milgard Wood Windows Classic Aesthetic

Milgard Wood Windows give the classic aesthetic that many homeowners dream of without any of the frustration of constant touch ups and routine maintenance. They incorporate the properties of other common window materials such as fiberglass and modern engineering methods that allow for airtight seals and full protection from the likes of annoying water damage. Milgard has worked to develop a highly forward thinking water draining system that channels rainwater away from the frames through completely hidden passageways that keep the classic aesthetic fully intact. It is as if they have given wooden window frames a complete upgrade.

Real Wood Interior Windows with Fiberglass Exterior in 16 Designer Colors

milgard wood windows - essence series - wood grains and designer color chipsWhen it comes to windows, Milgard truly knows their stuff. Their Essence Series has a vast array of head turning products – and they even offer doors to match. Milgard’s advancements in window frame manufacturing allow you to give your home all of the warm and welcoming vibes of classic wood exteriors completely worry-free. Your windows will be able to stand up to any weather conditions and look just as good as when they were first installed for a long time to come. The interior wood is available in a natural pint, vertical clean grain fir, or primed pine. To complement your home’s wood finishes you the fir and natural pine can be sealed or stained. Alternately, the primed wood finish can be painted any color. The fiberglass exterior is available in 16 different designer colors to match or enhance your home’s exterior. If you are looking for the absolute best option for wood windows, it is pretty hard to go wrong with Milgard.

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