Sometimes we would all wish to have a ton of money to pay for a professional interior decorator that could turn our simple home into a dream house. The truth is that, although decorators are great at what they do, nobody knows your home better than you do, and nobody loves it more, meaning there is nobody more qualified than you to breathe new life into your home’s interior design. We know it is hard to think about the space design and all those little details to arrange when you are neck deep in buying new furniture, carrying buckets of paint and constantly moving around the things on your way, but with a little help you can manage to do all that and decorate your house like a pro. Get tips on how to decorate like professional interior designers and add a fresh new look to your home.

Decorator Tips – Beautiful Improvements for Your Home’s Interior

Decorate Like Professional interior designers

Pick All the Right Colors – Psychology of Color Choices

Each room has its unique function and the painting colors should be chosen accordingly. The bedroom is supposed to evoke calmness (light blue, green, warm beige, cream), while the living room should call for communication and socializing, at the same time reflecting a warm feel (orange, yellow, green, sand, coffee, warm brown). For the dining room, choose orange, red or some earthy shades because they tend to increase one’s appetite. Some of the best colors to use in the kitchen are yellow, peach and brick red, while with the bathroom, whites, greens, blues and shades of turquoise colors provide a calm, fresh and clean atmosphere. You can take your chances with dark browns and even black on an accent wall if there is enough natural light. If you are lacking light and your bathroom has an exterior wall you should consider a new window installation to fill the room with more natural light.

paint colors for a luxury bedroom

Add Accents

You have painted the walls and feel as if there is something missing and you are right. Choose an accent color and introduce it to the space with accessories. A pop of red or black will, for instance, go great with modern décor, while subtle hues of pink and light blue will perfectly enhance the vintage appeal of some room.

Use Wallpaper

If you need something to spruce up the space a bit, you can just add patterns with modern wallpaper or a stencil. That will easily freshen up an empty wall or two, making the rest of your job, with accessorizing and furniture much simpler.  This is a nifty tip used to help decorate like professional interior designers often do to add some visual interest to a wall in any room.

Mix and Match – To Decorate Like Professional Interior Designers

decorating tips living room - modern lamp on antique table

Do not limit a room to a single décor style. Instead, try mixing and matching your favorite styles – a modern lamp on a vintage table, why not? If you want to add an antique charm to a modern room, visit a local flea market, buy some antique table or armoire for a bargain, and then simply restore it. In most cases, you will need just sandpaper and paint, but check Irwin tools offering if you reside in Australia, or Lowes or Home Depot in California if you see that the task is more demanding.

Layer the Lighting

Lighting = the atmosphere, so you should be very careful here. Simple overhead lights are not enough, so use hanging lights (chandeliers and pendants), but also add floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps to create the right ambience.

Living Room and Dining Room Floor Lamps

Hang Art and Photos

Paintings and framed photographs are the essence of well-designed space. First, you have to find the right place for them. It can be either an accent wall or the walls alongside doors and windows. The right level is also important. Hang the centerpiece just slightly above the eye level, and work your way from there.

A simple trick for that is to lay all the pictures out on a large piece(s) of butcher paper on the floor. Place the pictures on the floor inside of a square or rectangle shape. This is the most pleasing to the eye. Then draw around each picture. Next, tack the paper to the wall so you know where to hang each one.

picture arrangement hanging ideas

Accessorize Each Room

Each room has its own spirit, and you should accessorize it accordingly. The living room could use a little plant life, while a bedroom should be filled with scented candles, books and other things reflecting a sense of calmness. Spice up the kitchen with cute vintage spice jars or tea boxes and decorate the entrance room with welcoming items.

Towels in a Basket - Bathroom spa ideas

Create a Hotel-Like Bathroom – Get the Spa Feel Easily!

Do not forget to put a little makeup on your bathroom too. Add some unexpected luxury and all your guests will think you have paid someone to do it for you. Get some irresistibly soft towels and roll them up in a basket, add a potted plant (orchid is a nice choice) and a stylish detail like a wall painting, candleholders, crystal vase, etc. For the end, display some cute mini toiletries in a basket or on an amenity tray.

As you see, decorating your house like a professional is much easier than you may have thought. Just consider these tips, and add touches and something of your own. Just remember, every job is better if done with love.

Decorate Like Professional article by Guest Author Chloe Taylor
Edited by M.Hill

Photo credit: Bathroom Storage Ladder with Baskets