Most people still probably think that creating a green energy-efficient home is quite complicated and requires a hefty investment. However, don’t let yourself be discouraged. “Green” building for new construction and the green remodeling design options of today is more common. It makes sense if you understand how it works. Turn your home into a more efficient home by incorporating smart green remodeling. You’ll not only see lower energy bills, but also a more beautiful, airy and inspiring space for you and your family to live comfortably.

Green Remodeling Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Green Remodeling: Learn How to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Going Green

Going green means starting to be aware of the benefits of energy saving and the usage of environmentally friendly products. The importance of environmental issues is by far neglected in urban areas and some people just don’t want to believe in these benefits. However, an energy-efficient home actually does save a lot of money in the long run. Although the renovations you incur in a green remodeling project can be quite expensive. Remodeling your home is much more sustainable since you’re using the existing infrastructure, thus minimizing the cost of new materials. Some energy-efficiency experts state they can help homeowners save a lot on energy costs when remodeling a home from top to bottom. Who wouldn’t like to live in such a house? Here are some important pieces of advice to take into consideration.

  • You can’t do projects one by one over a long period of time since anything you do will affect the rest of the house, as your home is an interconnected collection of systems. Therefore, you need a good plan.
  • It’s important what you do first while remodeling the house. It usually starts with air sealing the home. Taking care of sealing the cracks and openings to reduce cold spots and drafts, thus improving comfort. The Department of Energy recommends reducing air leakage and controlling ventilation as the best strategy.
  • Follow with insulation installation and install a new energy efficient heating and cooling system if yours is outdated.
  • All windows and exterior doors should be checked for leaks and new energy-efficient windows and doors installed where needed.
Green Remodeling Smart Home More Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

There are new energy efficient windows (check for Energy Star ratings and tax credits) which are becoming more and more popular. If you are planning to invest in new windows, you should know that the energy savings and improvement in curb appeal might add value to your home. Learn more about styles and brands of energy efficient replacement windows in Orange County.

Energy Star Energy Efficient Windows Requirements to Qualify

Image Source: Energy Star Qualification Information for Windows and Doors

Energy Star Energy Efficient Doors Requirements to Qualify

Proper Insulation is a Must

This is the most important thing you need to think about while remodeling your home. 50% of your home’s energy consumption goes for heating and cooling. If the house is not insulated properly, all the heating and cooling will go to waste. High quality insulation lowers electricity bills as it considerably reduces energy consumption. Remember that adding insulation is a complicated job requiring knowledge and skill. Be extra cautious. Best to hire an expert to handle this part of the job. You can have troubles adding insulation around heat sources, for instance, or you might come across dangerous wiring on the way.

home insulation spray foam application

Continue reading more about green remodeling project materials and installations, solar, energy efficient windows and doors, recycling products, lighting and more in Part II of this series.

Written by guest author: L Hawkins
Revised and edited by: M. Hill