Changes in the business landscape have impacted many people causing them to start working from home, whether as independent workers or telecommuters. When this number was at its minimum, there was no need to discuss about making the working hours at home as comfortable as it can be. Now, however, when people spend even their 9 to 5 shifts at their desks (or improvised desks), it is necessary to draw attention to this issue. If you are one of those people, you should know that having a home office cannot only help you with organization, but it can also make you more productive and efficient. Here are some home office productivity tips and ideas that can help you design a perfect office inside your house.

Home Office Productivity Tips

Home Office Productivity Tips

Use the Color Psychology

Colors impact your emotions, and they can either stimulate or drain you. This seemingly unimportant thing can have a large impact on your overall productivity and mood. Try to apply the science of colors to choose the ones you should use in your working area. Essentially, the more saturated the hues are, the more they stimulate your mind. Just do not go for too bright look, because it can put a lot of stress on your eyes. It is believed that blue boosts your focus, while yellow and green help you relax.

Get enough natural Light

Light can also be a significant factor in productivity. The most important light source you should have in your home office is the sun, so make sure you have plenty of windows or one large window that will get you the much needed vitamin D. If you have an old window in your office, consider replacing it with a new, energy-efficient option. They can minimize the outside noise that could prevent you from focusing. At the same time, replacing windows in your home office space can save you some money on heating and air conditioning bills. Most Importantly… the strong bond between the exposure to daylight and work performance has been discussed and proven by many studies, but if you do not have access to exterior windows, try to mimic the warmth of the sunlight by layering lighting solutions (overhead, desk, floor, and wall lamps).

Design an Ideal Work Space

Organize the Workstation

The part of the room you actually get the job done in is the most important. If you think that any desk or chair is enough, think again. The desk should be in the height of your elbows when seated and the chair must be comfortable and provide lumbar support. The last thing your desk needs is clutter, so use tricks to make it perfectly organized.

  • Attach clip-on organizers on the side of your desk and use them for your supplies.
  • Use small side table as a shelf on top of the desk.
  • Organize the cords with binder clips.

Be Clever with Storage – Design an Ideal Home Office

How and where you store work-related items and documents will make or break your work performance. Time is money, and you do not want to lose an entire hour looking for a single piece of paper. If the room is small, try to go up with storage (vertical shelves), and if you have enough room you can install wall-to-wall shelving. There are plenty of ways to turn this into fun and affordable DIY task.

  • Use wine crates or toy boxes as storage solutions. Do not forget to label them.
  • Make your own floating shelves by using planks.
  • Hang kitchen wire racks and use them to sort your mail or the papers you often use.

Add Some Comforts of Home into Your Office

Home office productivity tips that add some comfort. One of the reasons why people decide to work from their homes is escaping from the sterile atmosphere of the cubicles. Do not repeat that mistake in your own home and create a natural flow between your office and the rest of your house. A comfy floor rug will do the trick, but you can add other stylish elements, like patterned wallpapers, sheer curtains, etc. You can even create a homey nook, if you have the space. Put a cozy armchair in the nook and a small coffee table. Arrange the wall behind it with family photos or some artwork you love. Studies have shown that indoor plants can do much more than improving air quality – they boost productivity, reduce stress, and enhance your attitude, so do not forget to give your home office some green love, too.

Dog on a comfy rug

It is easy to work in an office that feels like home, and it is even easier to create such a feeling when it is inside your home using these simple but great home office productivity tips to create the ideal home office work space. So, go ahead, give it your best shot.

Guest Author: Chloe Taylor

Edited by: MHill.