Appearance means a lot and there is no question that having a certain type of exit or entrance way can make a big difference on the initial impression that a person has walking into or out of a home or building. Sliding glass doors or French doors are nice in and of themselves, but a full glass wall can be brought out as a clear divider, or drawn back to open up a space to the outside or interior. These unique Moving Glass Wall Systems look beautiful, operate easily and effortlessly, and can give a bit of a barrier to sound to split up an office, outdoor living, or party area, or serve a variety of other functions. One of the biggest benefits of installing moving glass wall panels or folding glass doors is the amount of light they allow into your home or office building.

Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems - bi-fold glass door panels

What Are Moving Glass Wall Systems

For residential use, they can be the ultimate wow factor and answer to capitalizing on a scenic view of the mountains, lake, golf course, or beautiful ocean. While expanding your indoor / outdoor space to gain more room for your family and guests to use your patio deck or pool area and show off your backyard landscape! Whether you decide to choose pocket glass doors that slide back into the wall, stacking glass panels, or a bi-fold door system to create and expand outdoor living space you gain natural light, fresh air, and space for any home.

Types of Glass Walls

  • Stacking
  • Pocket
  • Bi-Fold

When it comes to finding the perfect system, first consider all the possibilities of what you can do with this type of construction. This is a great way to open up a wall at the back of your home, or replace a screened in outdoor porch with an option that lets you still enjoy a veranda free of bugs, or you can even open up the glass completely to allow the breeze in. This is a great way to blur the difference between outdoor and indoor and offer an amazing amount of variety when it comes to setting up social functions or just enjoying your overall home setup.

Milgard Stacking Glass Walls

To open… the large glass panels actually slide on top of each other to allow in fresh air and access to outdoor areas and tons of natural light when open or closed.

Milgard Stacking Glass Wall Systems

Milgard Sliding Glass Wall Pocket Door Panels

The glass panels slide on individual tracks into the wall and are hidden away while open allowing you to expand your great room or family room onto your deck or patio and into one extra-large living and entertaining area where you can entertain or relax with family and friends. Great for parties! When you close the doors, it will actually feel like the room is larger because the wall is glass.

Milgard Pocket Glass Walls in Aluminum

Milgard Bi-fold Glass Panels

Create a new view… engulf your room with light. Up to six large glass panels in 12 standard sizes can be used to create a bi-fold glass wall system. Enjoy the very best of indoor and outdoor living while adding a touch of luxury and elevating the value of your home.

Milgard Bi-Fold Glass Walls in Aluminum

Moving Glass Wall Systems – Modern, Sleek and Sophisticated

While Moving Glass Walls are not nearly as well known as other options, they are an amazing fit with many forms of modern architecture and can give you a flexibility both indoors and outdoors that you are not going to have with a more permanent set up. In other words, you get to look sophisticated, enjoy a remarkable amount of variety, and see your home’s value go up. If you find a solid price or sale on these specialty installations, the savings can be remarkable.

Great Room Window Replacement Changeover to Moving Glass Wall System – Homeowner’s Review

A homeowner replaced two smaller 3 ft. x 6 ft. windows and one larger 6 ft. x 6 ft. window on a wall in their great room with a Milgard 15 ft. system of moving glass door panels. Their home’s functionality improved and provided them with unobstructed mountain and golf course views, that were previously blocked by interior walls.

When it comes to finding the perfect moving glass walls, we can help you with the best fit and style for your custom needs and will help make sure you are happy with the installation. These unique moving walls provide a stunning look for any home. Get a free estimate and find the best glass wall system at a price that won’t bust your budget.

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