Many programs on television feature the latest in design tips and styles for the interior décor of a home. It does not matter whether your home is twenty years old or one hundred and two years old, you can bring out the best of your home. An important part of any interior design strategy is to utilize what you already have. Older houses are full of character and have their own quirks; these should be embraced and become part of your home. The following interior design tips will help to make sure you make the most of the features you have, while creating a modern space.

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Six Touch-up Design Tips: Bring out the Best of Your Home’s Features

One color

Older properties tend to have imperfections in their walls; this is usually the result of years of hard wearing and the occasion knock. The best way to cover these blemishes is to use one color for the walls and ceilings. This will also, ensure that all the architectural features of your home stand out and are not overpowered by overpowering ‘focus’ walls. Ideally, the walls and ceiling should be kept pale; white or light grey is an ideal color.

This way you’ll be at liberty to focus all your attention on the windows and doors. Homes with neutral walls, can handle striking draperies very well. Purple, black, and brown are ideal hues to consider if you want to make a statement. Don’t forget about window treatments. Installing wood blinds and window shades are excellent in homes with a minimalist allure and add privacy but allow plenty of light into any room.

Neutral Trim

Providing that the wooden trim in your home is in good condition it can be painted a different color to the walls and ceiling to create a vibrant effect and you can always install crown moulding to really add drama to the ceiling area and bring style to the room. Ideally the color should not be too bright so as to clash with the walls. If they are white then a light blue or pale grey will be the perfect compliment without distracting from the character of the property. If the ceiling is in good shape it can be painted the same color.

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Stained Glass

If you happen to have any stained glass windows in your house you should make sure they are cleaned and well presented, or repaired if broken. Stained glass artists are around most major cities and can fix them like new for you. It is a charming artistic feature and adds a beautiful color affect to any room as well as a conversational and focal point of your home.

Window Coverings

Many older houses have ornate window trims; impressive works of sculpture. These trims should be embraced and shown off; they are part of the character of the house. The best way if doing this is to use window blinds that fit into the window; they may need to be custom designed and fitted but the result is stunning and will stand the test of time. It will provide a clean, contemporary line while embracing both the past and the future.

Alternatively you may find that your windows are a little awkward; either an irregular shape or in a funny place. To create a modern feel and overcome the awkwardness of these windows it is best to use ceiling to floor drapes; these can be used to give an entire wall an appearance of windows, even if this is not the case.

Open Shelving

Open shelving units maximize the space and feel of any room. They provide the valuable storage and display space that every property needs while leaving any architectural details visible. They also add a certain charm to almost any interior space.

Simple Furnishings

With all the traditional features you will wish to have some modern, contemporary furniture on display. Choose items in a light color with clean, simple lines. This will add a modern touch to your home while embracing the old. The simple lines will ensure that the modern furniture sits well with the features of the house; anything too dramatic or harsh may clash with the style of your home.

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Older homes can benefit from a few pieces of weathered furniture. They help to create the image of a place which has been established for a while and is steeped in history. Any piece that is weathered by the elements is welcome although it is advisable not to have too many rustic pieces; if you do, you will lose the contemporary image.

Some rooms are huge open expanses and need to be divided into smaller, square shapes which will allow each section of a long narrow room to be defined. It can create an airy, yet comfortable feel as the modern and the old merge together.

Hope you enjoyed these interior design tips about refreshing an older home while keeping up with modern style. You can find unique and stylish designer fabrics for draperies, throw pillows, window treatments, roman blinds, and other accessories through the site with distributors in the US.

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