Some people make the mistake of not wanting to spend a dime on a home that will not remain in their possession for much longer. Well, the truth is, it takes some investment to make the property more profitable and sellable. To avoid pouring money down the drain, you must make sure that the money is put to good use in terms of customers’ needs. Therefore, see the home through the eyes of the home buyers, because that is the only way to also see the desired amount of money in your pocket.


The first thing to do is to work out how much you can afford to spend. Access the condition of your property, competition in the area, and the outlook of the local real estate market. Depending on these factors, you may need to take on activities that range from cleaning-up to full renovation. But, every investment you make is likely to pay off. What is more, to spruce up the property, you do not have to blow your budget and spend a truckload of money. Smart investments are made possible by getting hold of the factors that affect the buyer’s decision.

Rites of passage

Alas, going through different stages of the selling process can be downright confusing. However important is it for you to sell, it is even more important for the buyer to get one of the most significant investments of his or her life right. Think about your strategy for negotiations. If you are too aggressive, people might dig in their heels or abandon the endeavor. Furthermore, top real estate agents are versed in finding their way around this dense jungle, and this calls for some extra vigilance.

Under impression

You can rely on rules like the psychology of first impressions. Your front door is a gate to your haven, and also the first thing eager buyers will notice. Thus, replace the battered, old front door and ensure that you do not lead with the wrong foot when that potential buyer enters your home. Next, do not ruin a dazzling start by presenting a shabby hallway or entryway after you replace entry door. Upon entering your home, a buyer must witness a space that looks contemporary, stylish, welcoming and clean.

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Jeld-Wen Front Entry Door - White Soft Touch Durable Doors

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So fresh, so clean

Many sellers opt for DIY home improvement, which is a good way to limit the impact on your budget. Just note that a top-to-bottom makeover is a time-consuming ordeal. So, it is best to start with the basics. No buyer wants a home that looks messy and dirty. Clean everything until you see the sparkles, and do not go for “broom clean”. To freshen up the space, give the walls a new coat of paint. This is a highly-effective and cheap way to add life to your home and make it shine. Interior designers recommend soothing, natural tones because they will suit almost anyone.

An instant face-lift

Many home buyers in Orange county, Southern California or nationwide, especially new ones, will not settle for an outdated home, even if the price tag is alluring. Luckily, we do not have to break the bank to make our rooms more visually appealing. For example, a nice rug is a great inexpensive addition that can instantly change the feel of the room. Also, a few well-placed throw pillows will give an instant face-lift to the old-fashioned couch or sofa. Also, do some rearranging of furniture, and see to it that there is enough space for daily household activities. Your space must not be cramped, too dark, or difficult to navigate through.

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Function over form

Have a bigger picture in mind, and pay attention to the flow and connection between rooms. More and more people opt for working from home and they will want a dedicated work space. A home office fits their needs perfectly, which is not the case with those aged tables and spare kitchen chairs. So, it could be a good idea to visit a local shop to find the right office piece. I had no trouble getting what I wanted, considering a wide array of office furniture available in Sydney. Think multipurpose, and never lose sight of functionality when jazzing up the visuals.

Ready to sell to Home buyers

Home For Sale - Image Credit Mark Moz

Image Credit: Mark Moz

Finally, remember that sweeping problems beneath the carpet is not a good idea. While inexperienced buyers may overlook some issues, the home inspector will see right through your scheme. This would undermine your attempt to appear trustworthy and cast a shadow of doubt on the negotiations. Assume that the buyer will look into every little detail. Do not neglect a single room, even the small ones like kitchens and bathrooms. Repair minor flaws and focus on the essentials like heating, plumbing, electric installations. Everything should work like a charm and be ready to cut a dash.


It is not easy being green

Before you start tearing down the walls and staking the sale signs in the lawn, there is a lot of details to consider. If you want to increase the value of your home and boost the chances of handing the keys to the proud new owner, then you might have to do some renovation and redecorating. Keep your fingers on the pulse of the local market and get into the buyer’s needs and wants. Deliver finishing touches with decorative pieces and pull together a striking design. The real estate will look like a million dollars, and indeed bring you a lot of green.

Guest Author Chloe Taylor

Edited by M Hill