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New windows for your home or commercial property are a great investment. You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right replacement windows for your home or property while considering your budget. We offer Free Quotes to help you decide on the perfect windows for your project!

Why Replace Your Windows?

Replacing your older windows has many benefits to you as a homeowner. New windows are more energy efficient, making your home more comfortable in the winter and summer. New windows can keep out outside noise, making your home feel more peaceful. New windows can enhance your home’s beauty and curb appeal. You can dramatically change the look of your home with new windows.

Advantage of Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners sometimes think that the best time to replace windows is when you are about to sell your home. However, the advantages to having energy efficient windows instead of the old wood or aluminum framed windows will be apparent both in the form of comfort for family members and in the savings realized when your heating and cooling bills are decreased.

  • Bow Windows
  • Specialty Windows
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Speciality Window - Curved Top Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Curved top - arch windows
  • Arch Windows - Curved top specialty windows with plant ons
  • Large Two Story Stacked Windows
  • Bow Windows with Tinted Dark Glass
  • Bow Windows
  • Circle Window - Flanker Windows
  • Casement Windows - Awning Windows
  • Oval Window
  • milgard-wood-windows-essence-series
  • milgard-wood-windows-essence-series-wood-grains-and-color-chips
  • milgard-exterior-windows-and-doors
  • Wood Bay Window with Douible Hung window each side
  • Garden Window
  • exterior_windows_and_doors_42

What window styles are available?

Windows are made in different styles to accommodate any situation. Styles include:

  • Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Vertical Sliding Windows – also known as Single Hung or Double Hung
  • Awning Windows – hinged at top and open out to allow ventilation
  • Casement Windows – hinged on the side and open out to right or left
  • Fixed or Picture Windows
  • Bay Windows – Picture Window with a window on each side
  • Bow Windows – Curved Appearance with 4, 5, or more Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Specialty Windows – Curved Top, Arch, Radial, Radius, Circular, Triangular, Flanker, Oval

Improve the appearance of you home with new replacement windows!

Now is a great time to take advantage of many opportunities to capture some of the best prices for window replacement, designed to improve and update even the oldest homes. In fact, you will be surprised at how new and modern your home will look with window replacements from some of the best known companies – Andersen, Marvin, Milgard, Simonton and Jeld-Wen.

How Long does it Take to Get New Windows Installed?

Replacing your windows is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can do. Installation often takes just one day. One of our sales staff will take the measurements, provide you with a quote and then order your windows. After final measurements are taken and your order is placed, your new windows will usually arrive within four to eight weeks depending on the type of windows ordered.  We will schedule the installation date with you as soon as they arrive.

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What is my Return on Investment?

Replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make in your home. According to a 2008 study by Remodeling Magazine, your return on investment is 93% if you live in the Western States.

What are the different types of windows available?

Most homeowners replace older windows with vinyl replacement windows which come in nearly any color and are virtually maintenance free once they have been installed. Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular choice for many homeowners due to their versatility and affordable pricing.

If you are partial to the look of wood, you can also get Wood Clad windows which are vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum on the exterior and wood on the interior. Wood Clad windows by Andersen, Marvin and Milgard give you the convenience of a maintenance free exterior with the warmth of wood on the interior.

These manufacturers also offer Fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are becoming more readily used by many homeowners today. Fiberglass frames have strength rivaling aluminum or even steel. They have the energy efficiency of vinyl, with the design and flexibility of wood. They are impervious to water, cold, heat and salt air. They come with a pre-painted enamel finish, but are also paintable. While they are becoming less and less used due to high maintenance demands, we also offer all wood windows by Marvin and J.T. Windows.

What is Third Party Certification?

The best windows are certified by NFRC, a national rating council. You will also want to look for the AAMA Certification. This indicates a high standard of performance on residential windows.

How important is a Warranty?

The vinyl replacement windows we carry offer a Lifetime Warranty on the product to the original purchaser of the windows. This is important as service issues can and do come up down the road. It is important to purchase windows from a company that not only has a Lifetime Warranty, but who honors the warranty. All the vinyl manufacturers we carry do just that.

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