Thinking of making some changes to the entry way of your home? If you have a large or wide entryway having double Dutch doors installed for your entry has several advantages. You can open one or both top portions of the door with the bottom portions closed yet allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate through your home.

A typical Dutch door design is two independently moving doors on hinges stacked on top of each other. The door requires four hinges (two at the top and two at the bottom) unlike the three hinges (top, middle, bottom) on most door frames. The bottom door has a doorknob and locks. The top door normally has a latch that attaches the doors.

custom Double Dutch Doors we installed in Yorba Linda

Custom Designed Double Dutch Doors

This is a set of custom Double Dutch Doors that A New View Windows & Doors in Anaheim had custom made and then installed in Yorba Linda for a customer’s home. Note that the ones you select can be stained or painted to your specifications to match your home’s exterior.

Physical Attributes

When the doors latch together (top and bottom) the door will perform similarly to a traditional one. Sometimes they have a “perch” on top of the bottom half of the door, which is similar to a large windowsill (like the ones above), and were creative in design. Some also have windows on top or leaded glass to allow more light into your entryway or home. Check with us to find a single or double Dutch door that fits your needs.

These doors date back to a time when people had friendly chats with a passerby through their open door or when you could set a pie to cool on the Dutch Door’s perch. This is another trend in interior and exterior home design that like the sleeping porch is poised for a revival.

Looking for Entryway Ideas? This is Pure Inspiration

Beautiful Enchanting Entry featuring a Dutch Door with side lights and transom window lights

This photo shot shows probably one of the most enchanting and beautiful designs and incorporation of a Dutch door to a front entry of a home by an interior designer back East.  It certainly could work for other areas though. Notice the use of the leaded glass transom window above the door and use of leaded glass side lights to allow more light into the home’s entrance topped off with a stylish exterior paint color to complete the look. Photo source.

Original and Unique

Dutch Doors for Beach Cottages

It can be a real treat to find an original Dutch Door because they were made before home building was standardized. The materials and sizes you’ll encounter will be unique to the particular region, which means each door would have its own story.

Today, a Dutch Door is more of a rare find. This is a period appropriate addition to a house built before the 1880s. However, you can add this type of door to your contemporary or modern house and is quite popular in the coastal areas in beach homes. Beach cottage photo source.

Uses for Interior of Home

You might consider single or double Dutch doors depending on the interior opening within your home. Because of custom style and design options, you can have glass panels in the top or bottom or both to allow more light into a room or office or allow better ventilation within the home environment. They work well for pet area’s to keep your pets inside while letting the fresh air and sunshine filter into the room. Great for interior spaces such as children’s rooms where you can keep the bottom closed and open the top portion so can hear your child while at play or sleep.

We can use top quality stock doors and trims or have doors, transoms, and sidelights custom made and installed to fit your home’s style and fulfill your dream of improving the interior or front entry of your home. For Custom Interior Dutch Doors, Wood Exterior Double Dutch Doors, Stock, or High-End Hand Crafted Dutch Doors‎ contact A New View Windows & Doors for a free estimate.

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