If you are thinking of remodeling your home consider your home’s style, whether you want a subtle or dramatic change, and your budget first. Installing new doors and windows is a good way to transform the overall look and feel of your home. Doors and windows are important elements for several reasons. They can drastically change how your home looks, improve curb appeal, make interior spaces brighter, and improve the home’s value. If you are looking for Window Replacement Ideas, new windows or doors, continue to read.

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Home Remodels: Top Trending Window Replacement Ideas

Marvin Bow Window

Ideas if you are thinking of Remodeling your Home

Bow & Bay Windows

Add some architectural interest to the outside and inside of your house, install Bow windows or Bay windows. They look great in dining rooms, living rooms, as well as master bedrooms and a child’s room. If you want additional light and ventilation, then you’ll be pleased to know that the side windows can be casement or single or double hung style as well.

Bow Windows – A series of windows is used to create Bow windows which have a circular look from the exterior.

Bay Windows – A bay window is a combo of 3-4 or more windows that that sometime differ in widths, usually with a large picture window in the center. Bay windows have an angled look to them. If you want, add a window seat under Bay or Bow windows as a reading nook or extra seating.

Andersen Bay Windows

Gable Style Windows, Radius, Round, Half-Circle, Arch Top Windows

If you want to increase natural light or you want an elegant look, then you can’t go wrong adding a full or half circle window (radius window) over the top of a window or door, or by themselves on a wall that screams for more light. The curved lines will convey a bit of softness to any room where installed. Let’s not forget to mention that it will create an attractive look when you use one of these Window Replacement Ideas.

arch or radius windows milgard
Milgard radius window - tuscany

Transom Windows and Walls with scores of Windows for more Light

Use a (transom window) above an entry door, windows, or a home office door for added style and light. In addition, you can use them in repetition if you want a window wall effect. This will make use of the entire height of the wall and moving across the width will bring in a collection of light. Clerestory windows or celestial windows are a good idea if you are going to remodel your kitchen. And you can use the windows right above shelves or cabinets. This can also be done in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms too where you want more light especially rooms with high or cathedral ceilings.

Transom Window above dining room windows of a traditional home

Some image sources in this article from Andersen, Marvin, and Milgard, just a few of the companies we are certified dealers for and authorized to sell and install their windows and doors.

Colorful Window Frames Contrasting or Complimentary

Different colored vinyl window frames are available when you order new windows. Sure, you can go with standard tan or white frame colors, but there are other color choices. One of the unique ways to enhance your home’s overall appearance is to add complimentary or contrasting premium Exterior Vinyl Finishes. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that vinyl is energy efficient and you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance, which is another reason why you should consider buying vinyl windows. Below is an example of interior and exterior window frame finishes. Note – colors and finish options vary by style and manufacturer.

Andersen Series 400 Windows Wood Interior Vinyl Exterior - Color Options

The trending window replacement ideas mentioned in this article are all great, and something to consider when making a decision about remodeling your home. Replacement windows and new construction windows come in many options so you can easily create a fresh unique look that fits your budget, home, and style. Read Part II in this series on top trending window and door ideas.

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