No matter how cozy your house is on the inside, neglected front yard and facade are never easy on the eye and can send the wrong message about you and your family. Do not let the house next door ruin your home exterior. Always be one step ahead and make everyone envious of your exterior design.

Home Exterior Update Tips and Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Property

Make an Entrance

Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on investing in quality front door. Even though people usually don’t pay much attention to their front doors, that’s the first thing, your visitors and passers-by are going to see. Choose quality wood that will provide extra security and not look cheap. Paint them in a bold and vivid color that makes a statement, and don’t forget some luxury ornaments, such as heavy door knockers or vintage mailboxes. Or choose to be bold and use some brighter colors that contrast with the siding and trim. This way you can revamp a tired entry very easily. Against the white facade, the sky-blue or sunny yellow doors will cheerfully lead visitors inside. Think about the style of your home and choose colors accordingly. Create a cohesive look by connecting entry with rest of your home’s exterior by repeating the same motives.

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Window Appeal

Shabby, old and dirty windows are nothing but a sad sight. Make sure to get them cleaned regularly so all the sunshine can get inside. Window frames, too, have to be in a top notch condition. Replace the windows and rotten old frames with the new ones that match the rest of your home exterior design. Also, do not feel obligated to paint the frames in white or brown. You can have fun with other colors, as well! Match the color of the window frames with the color of your front door to complete the look. Just as they have to be perfect from the outside, the inside of your windows should be perfect, too. The curtains and drapes, plantation shutters or window blinds in all of the rooms should match when seen from the street, to avoid the chaos of too many different colors.

Replace Windows and Doors

Dress up the Yard

Neglected, dry and colorless garden is never appealing and the house may seem abandoned. To avoid this negative image, you need to get some work done in your front yard. Make it green: replace the old lawn with a fresh new batch of grass, plant colorful and vivid flowers along the side of your house and near the fence. Add a tree (or two) for shade and add some small paths throughout the yard. If your yard is rather small, you can easily create a lively garden by planting your favorite flowers in small plastic planters and change the whole atmosphere. For extra shade in your yard during the hot summers, install some waterproof shade sails. These are also a perfect protection from changing climates and will keep the rain and damaging UV rays away. They can be found online or at some garden centers in your area.

shade sail - waterproof shade sails

Light it Up

Without proper lighting, landscaping is just not complete. A few low-voltage lighting fixtures will make a huge difference for the whole home exterior, and will provide safety and security at the same time. Install lighting along the paths and driveway or along the side of your house. Be creative, make fun shadows and silhouettes, and accent the trees, bushes and other greenery in the yard for a dramatic effect.

Also, one of the best ideas is to add a fire pit to the backyard. Not only does it provide excellent heat in chilly days, but it also creates a great atmosphere in the night. Who does not love roasting marshmallows, having a drink and sharing a laugh with a close friend? Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and even heating lamps are a great solution if you wish to bring the party outside. One other thing that will definitely be helpful in gathering the whole family and friends is installing the barbecue or an outdoor kitchen.

Refresh the Façade

If your home doesn’t already have an appealing façade, it’s about time you add it to complete the look of your home. However, if you already have created a facade, but it has been a while since you gave it a polish, now is the time. Spruce up the tired face of your home by giving it “a facelift”. You can easily achieve this by repainting, trimming and rendering the ugly bricks and wood. Leave the bold colors for the details and front door, and choose a lighter shade of your favorite color for the façade. Anything that is faulty and rotten should be gone and replaced with fresh new materials. Give your home a personality with an appealing façade and do not let it look drowsy and sad – instead make it the most desirable thing that will attract the homebuyers.

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Freshen up Driveway and Paths

Over time, stone, cement and pavement will crack and split, and the pesky vegetation will start sprouting from it. Upgrade home exterior by giving your driveway and paths a complete makeover. Kill the weeds first and repair all the cracks and stains in the concrete. Cut the overgrown grass and other plants that spills over onto driveway or path or that block the view of the door of the house or the garage. After this is done, you can give it a fresh layer, or a nice polish. For extra appeal and character, you can add pavers or think about some decorative concrete for the extra flair.

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Give a small boost to your home and make it the focal point of the whole neighborhood. Make people stare with astonishment when they walk by and increase the value of your whole property by adjusting these few small elements.

Blog article by guest author: Lana Hawkins

Edited by: M Hill