You will have several interior doors in your home, some, such as the bathroom or bedroom doors, provide privacy. Others are there to enable you to segregate a space and keep it warm, to preserve it from others, or serve as part of your interior design but provide an exit to an outside view. Whatever the reason, interior doors are an important part of your house. They are also an important part of your interior design scheme; even if you do not realize it! The range of doors is huge, some are designed to maximize light between rooms, and others simply feel solid, safe and comforting while some are of fabricated materials such as fiberglass or composite and a bit more light.

New Interior Doors Styles you’ll Love to Live with Every Day

Here are some doors, which are almost guaranteed to go with your house, and leave you feeling very satisfied with your interior design choices:

Antique French Doors

If you want the real thing (old antique French Doors), they usually have intricate details carved into them or gilded onto them. They look attractive, classy and chic while serving a simple purpose. This type of door is generally made of wood and either polished, painted or stained to provide the best possible finish. Antique French doors are very stylish, modern yet can be antique looking; they are suited to a modest home, one going for a shabby chic look, or one that does not wish to display all the airs and graces of a mansion but that is a perhaps a bit more hip than a standard cookie cutter home. An antique French; or even Italian door can have an arched top or a standard rectangular shape; it is designed to, be a thing of beauty which will capture the eye of many. If you prefer new French doors, this featured image is an arch top or round top door by Marvin that will enhance the look of any room’s interior door and add appeal to the exterior. In addition, custom French doors by Affinity made to look like antique doors are available to your specifications.

  • Interior French Doors - leaded glass intricate design-Affinity
  • Arch Top French Doors - Marvin Round-top Doors-Interior-Exterior

Glass Interior Doors

A glass door is an excellent option when you have a room which does not have a lot of natural light, the light can enter from adjourning rooms and help to brighten the space. It can also be a good option for letting light through from a porch into the hallway or kitchen; again brightening and warming any space. Many glass doors are frosted and have intricate patterns on them or leaded glass; this can make them a feature in their own right and even a talking point. A glass door can also help if one member of the family needs to spend a lot of time in one particular room like a study or office as an example; the glass door can help them to feel connected to everyone else. Finally, you can use leaded or stained glass in this type of door to create a stunning effect.

interior doors - french doors with water glass insert-Simpson

Interior French Doors with water glass (rain glass) by Simpson

Bi-Fold Doors

A bi-fold door can come in any style you choose and can be located in between rooms or as the entrance to a closet or wardrobe or exit to a beautiful deck, patio, or yard to bring in the view from inside. The doors fold, usually in half; although it is possible to get larger doors which fold more times. A folding door is an excellent choice when dealing with limited access. They require half the space that a standard door does to open making them suitable for almost any gap.

bi-fold doors - LaCantina windermere

Windermere Bi-Fold Doors by LaCantina

Custom Doors

These are an excellent option if you wish to make a very personal statement. Designed to your exact specifications and style; this may include ornate decoration or an incredibly plain door but made out of reclaimed or recycled materials. This is also the perfect door to choose if you have irregularly shaped doorways or particularly tall or short doorways or want to create arched doorways. There are many craftsmen and some companies who will happily create the door or doors of your dreams. However, you must be aware that these doors can cost significantly more than your standard door.

Wine Cellar Door - Wrought Iron with Glass - Affinity-0096-WNR-brochure-pics-322

Custom made Wine Cellar Door with wrought iron and glass by Affinity

Panel Doors

This is one of the most popular types of a door on the market at present. They are often finished in a white although they may arrive in different colors and you can paint a color of your own choice. There are one panel, two panels, three panels; four panel, five panel and even six-panel doors. Each one creates a classic, clean look… adding both style and practicality to your home. There are variants of design within each of these categories which mean there is a panel door which will suit your home perfectly, no matter what your tastes are.

Ovation Door - Panel Doors Simpson

Ovation unique Panel Doors by Simpson

Making your Home Look Modern, Polished and Complete

milgard doors - tuscany patio doors - interior

Milgard Tuscany Patio Doors

Proper interior doors make a home look complete, polished and modern. However, for the décor to wow your friends and family, you have to pay more attention to other elements of design, including window treatments and curtains, coffee table design, and accessories. This way your personal space will look fresh and ingenious. You can get more interior design ideas at this design site shown below.

by Guest Author Davis Miller and

Edited and images by M Hill